My name is Olivia Gardner. I am an undergraduate at the University of Colorado – Boulder double majoring in Women & Gender Studies and Ethnic Studies with a minor in Leadership. I am a writer/learner/collaborator/leader/facilitator. I am a student who moves through the world with the consciousness to be aware of the rotating spheres in function – the systems of inequity and power that bound all of us in a continuous track. I act from a place of nuance and colliding identities which informs the space I take up. I find hope with the power of a pen, the words of a dialogue, and the movement of what is.

This summer, I am an intern for the Marigold Project. We will be sharing the words of writers, community organizers, and artists on their perspective and change view to disrupting the systems in operation. We will highlight the voices doing work in the community with the hope of beginning a conversation, an invitation, an urge for people to be ignited and join in the movement of addressing and dismantling power, privilege, and oppression.