Interview with Colorado Radio

Welcome Marigolds!

We have a special post today – not a Marigold Mention or Topic, but an invitation to allow words to nestle within your bones and do the further work of action, ending with an interview from our Executive Director, for your lunch break or your way home.

that is the learning of life.
to never become comfortable
with the location.
the seasons
have a timing to which
your grace is elevated
or your burden heavy,
calling for your persistence
and patience to take the walk
through the quiet valley and
up the mountain to
your place of reckoning.

Listen to the Marigold Project’s Executive Director, Kari Nott, speak to upcoming projects and the importance of this work with KRFC 88.9 of Fort Collins, Colorado.

In the coming weeks, we will be sharing continued Marigold Mentions and history on integral social movements.