The Marigold Project supports community and nonprofit organizations working on issues of economic and social justice.

The Marigold Project believes that all people deserve to be treated with respect. In order to move forward together, The Marigold Project seeks to fund strategies that solve problems caused by income inequality, boost civic engagement, spark creativity, offer equitable access to growing and eating good food, and encourage gender and racial justice. Funds we raise each year will be granted to organizations that propel our mission forward.

We know that how we operate in this space is just as important as the work we fund. We pledge to move ahead in humility and curiosity. We are here to learn from those who have spent their lives doing this work; we will call attention to it. We will share it. We will amplify it.


We look forward to supporting historic institutions, brilliant ideas and driven individuals. We are a new funder and we are excited to dig in and learn. We hope you will join us on the road ahead.

  • -coalition building/training
  • -electoral reform & rights initiatives
  • -homelessness support services & solutions
  • -immigrants' rights initiatives
  • -workers' rights initiatives
  • -gun violence prevention
  • -environmental justice

“Not One More” Rally

In the fall of 2018, my band and I brought together a crowd of thousands at Levitt Pavilion in Denver. With support from The Marigold Project and in partnership with a local and national nonprofit community, Coloradans came together to hear directly from local students, survivors, national and local advocates working to end gun violence.


Students from across the Denver Metro area spoke from the stage to share what it means to grow up with ‘active shooter drills’ and how their lives have been impacted by gun violence.


The day had a non-partisan focus, with the emphasis on voting for any candidates who pledge to work towards gun violence prevention. Prior to the rally, students and activists met to engage in thoughtful, educational and informative conversations. All proceeds from the rally funded organizations working to prevent gun violence.

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